Your recruitment process could be turning your ideal candidates away.

You might not even have a process. An email here, a random meeting there. It might all seem OK from your viewpoint.

But, from a candidate’s point of view the recruitment process is often named as the worst thing when looking for a new job.

Many candidates feel let down by the recruitment process of many companies.

Common complaints

Frequently occurring complaints include the following:

  • No acknowledgement of application.
  • No idea when they will be called.
  • Not knowing the process
  • No feedback from interviews.

It's not difficult to improve and look good in the eyes of the candidate

If you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to keep candidates in the loop if you want any chance of them joining your company.

You can be certain that the candidate is applying for vacancies with your competitors. All other things being equal, they will be choosing the company that is most engaging, the company that keeps in contact during the recruitment process.

You can make a big impact just by outlining your interviewing process and normal timeline.

Example timeline.

Day 1: We will acknowledge your application within 24 hours.

If we don't want to proceed, you'll get an email within twodays of your application.

Day 2 to 3: Next is a 15-minute telephone interview.

Day 4 to 5: Skype with 2 senior developers from the team that has the vacancy.

Day 6 to 7: Face to face including technical test.

Day 8 to 10: Telephone offer of job, or email saying sorry no go.

At UK Software Jobs, there is a section in your company profile where you can give details of your normal interviewing timeline. This will then be appended to each of your job vacancies.

If at any time, there is something unexpected in the recruitment process then contact the candidate and explain the delay. This will put you miles ahead of any of your competitors that do not explain their recruitment process.

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