Why do Recruitment Agents say 'Azure is a must have requirement'​?

You've probably seen the following type of vacancy advert from Recruitment Agents:

  • C#.
  • .NET core 2.
  • Entity Framework core.
  • Must have Azure experience.

The 'Must have Azure experience' shows that the Recruitment Agent has very little knowledge of what they are recruiting for.

Azure is a huge world, just like AWS and other similar services.

It’s  the equivalent of saying you are looking for a bus driver who knows all  the routes in the world. You would probably be more specific by at  least narrowing to a country.

Here's a list of the features  provided by Azure. It’s crazy to expect any Software Developer to have a  great deal of experience in all those areas.


Recruitment  Agents with this degree of lack of understanding are probably not worth  the effort of dealing with. How can they possibly ask you any sensible  questions that will help them decide if you are suitable to be put  forward for an interview? It also shows that they probably have not  listened very carefully to the requirements of their end clients.

Candidates  deserve far better job descriptions. In this particular example it  might be something like 'you will need experience of configuring SignalR  in an Azure environment'.

At UK Software Jobs we recommend that you bypass Recruitment Agents and go directly to the company that is recruiting.

If you apply for a job or contract via us, in most cases you will be dealing directly with the technical team that has the vacancy.


Image by MoteOo from Pixabay