Suggestions about types of questions to ask during an interview with a Software Developer

Suggestions about types of questions to ask during an interview with a Software Developer.

This article is aimed at Senior Software Developers that might be asked in sit in on an interview and ask the candidate technical questions.

I have seen the following types of questions asked many times.

·         Explain the difference between this and that?

·         Why would you use this instead of this?

It’s very easy for a candidate to research these types of questions before an interview and memorise the answer. That's OK and is part of the learning process.

You should still ask such questions but when you get a correct answer you then need to follow up with a deeper question such as:

How would you avoid that?

When would you use one in preference to the other?

Please create a solution to that problem.

The point of these deeper questions is to gauge the candidates understanding of the subject.

Asking deeper questions will quickly filter out chancers. It also demonstrates to the candidate that you serious about the interviewing process.

Don’t forget, if you have labelled a particular skill in the vacancy as desirable rather than mandatory then it's probably och to stick with the simple questions relating to that skill.

Plan your technical questions in advance and let the candidate have an indication of how many questions there will be. You might want a printed list and score the candidate as answers are provided.

If you use UK Software Jobs to advertise your vacancy, then you can add questions as part of the screening process. This saves you time and allows you to get straight into asking deeper questions during a telephone or face to face interview.

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