Seven reasons to use a Recruitment Agent

Here are the main reason to use a recruitment agent to find Software Professionals

This article outlines seven top reason to use a Recruitment Agent if you are hiring for Software Professionals such as Project Managers, Coders, Business Analysts and Software Testers.

1 You have a large budget and do not mind spending it even though there are services available that can achieve the same results for a far lower cost.

2 You don't have 15 minutes to spend cutting and pasting your requirements into to a specialised vacancy to candidate matching service. Probably less time than you spend negotiating with an agent.

3 You are not really sure what you are recruiting for and need an agent to find a random selection of candidates.

4 You are not interested in getting a few highly suitable applicants that you have to arrange telephone and face to face interviews.

5 You don't mind handing over your candidate search to a Recruitment Agent who probably knows far less about the skills required than you.

6 You don't mind having your candidates annoyed by being asked technical questions from agents that have no clue about technology.

7 You don't mind missing out on your ideal candidate simply because the agent did not have the ability to question the candidate correctly.

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