Make your first interview with a Software Professional far more productive.

During a first interview it is often for the candidate to decide very quickly that this job is not for them. Often the interviewer can quickly decide that the candidate is not suitable. Unfortunately, this ends up wasting a lot of time for both the company and the candidate.

Our aim is to make sure that the company and the candidate are a close match before proceeding to a first interview. This makes the interview far more productive.

Here are some of the ways that we make sure that there is a good match between you the employer and candidates that attend a first interview.

·         The interviewer can ask the candidate screening questions.

·         The candidate can ask company questions.

·         Highly accurate skills/experience matching.

·         Remote working options.

1 The interviewer can ask the candidate screening questions.

When you add your vacancy, you can add screening questions as shown below. It's best to make these questions open ended so that candidates can express themselves.

You can then view the candidates answers and decide if you want to interview. You can then delve into their answers more deeply.

2 The candidate can ask company questions.

This gives an opportunity to resolve and discuss any potential problems before moving to a first interview.

3 Highly accurate skills/experience matching.

If you need the candidate to have certain skills you can specify them here. We will not include any one in our matching process who does not have those mandatory skills.

The following shows that you can also be less stringent about your manadatory skills requirements.

4 Remote working options.

Let the candidate know if you offer any remote working options.

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