IR35 Resources for Clients


Title: IR35 & Projects in the Private Sector
Summary: As a business, What should you do? What is your company’s approach? What  should you be doing now? How can project management services from P3B  take the pain away altogether (amongst a host of other benefits!)?

Title: IR35: 6 things Resource Managers need to prepare for April 2020
Summary: Come April 2020, Resource Managers are likely to be affected by a new rule: to assess whether the terms of engagement of contractors and freelancers fall inside or outside IR35.

Title: IR35 – a checklist to see if a worker is in or out
Summary: As any good accountant will tell you, trying to determine if a contractor or freelancer falls 'inside' or ‘outside‘ of the IR35 legislation is a challenge at the best of times.

Title: IR35 in the private sector
Summary: As a starting point, it is important that you establish the profile of your use of PSCs, and potentially your wider non-payroll labour portfolio; your key stakeholders will need to have a clear understanding of:

Title: How to keep your off-payroll workers outside the new IR35 provisions
Summary: The April 2020 deadline date for engagers to carry out the required status Determination Statements (SDS)  on their off-payroll contractor population is looming.  In this article  we detail how to maximise the number of your contractors who can remain  outside of the new IR35 provisions.

Title: IR35: how to prepare for April 2020
Summary: To prepare for the new regime it’s important that engagers that contract directly with contractors’ intermediary entities (e.g. personal service companies) work through their processes and identify what changes are needed.

Title: The Latest Chapter – When John McEnroe met IR35
Summary: A detailed legal article

Title: How do I keep my contractors outside IR35?
Summary: It’s easy to see why many limited company contractors feel that their livelihoods are in danger. It’s up to you, as the recruiter or end-client, to maintain communication and transparency throughout the supply chain; this is absolutely key to ensuring contracting remains a viable option for highly skilled workers and businesses like yours post-April 2020.

Title: How NOT to let IR35 ruin your business
Summary: You’re probably already aware of the changes to IR35 that are coming in from April 2020. Organisations like yours who use contractors are going to be responsible for making complex employment status determinations on all engagements with ‘off-payroll workers”. If you get those determinations wrong, there are commercial and legal risks, as well as regulatory ones.


Summary: There’s simply no need for the end-client to make panicked, knee-jerk and risk-averse decisions – or for agencies to worry about being stung by a tax bill.

Title: IR35: Time for the private sector to get its house in order?
Summary:  Genuinely self-employed contractors are deemed to be outside, but if you are considered inside IR35, HMRC expects you (and your employer) to pay the same tax and NI contributions as other, permanent employees.

Title: IR35 Status Determination
Summary: It all boils down to the contract. Whether the contract is judged to be inside or outside IR35 would determine whether or not a Contractor would end up paying tax as an employee.

Title: IR35. Don't take a "blanket approach"​
Summary: Responsibility for operating the off-payroll working rules will move from individuals to the organisation, recruitment firms or other third party contracting with and paying the contractor (the “fee-payer”).


Title: Why culling contractors isn’t a risk-free solution to IR35
Summary: When looked at from a distance, it appears that a pattern has been set by these private sector giants. RBS has been the only exception thus far that has publicly pledged to take ‘reasonable care’ to keep their contractors – however, it’s the minority in this case that’s got it right.


Title: April 2020 changes to off-payroll working for clients
Summary: Understand and prepare for changes to the off-payroll working rules (IR35) if you are a client receiving services from a worker through their intermediary.


Title: Off-payroll (IR35) – the ‘small company’ exemption – problems lie ahead
Summary: When the ‘off-payroll’ IR35 rules are extended to the private sector in April 2020, ‘small companies’ will be excluded as things currently stand. However, the exclusion itself may cause more complications for clients to deal with.


It is totally feasible to work with Software Services Providers operating outside of IR35
If you are an end client that would like to continue to engage with Software Services providers that operate genuine companies then you should register at the following link. You will then be able to add your Request for Quotes.

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