IR35 for Contractors

This is a collection of articles aimed at helping Contractors understand IR35 and its impact.


Summary: Contractors have shown huge resilience in recent years, having been impacted by reform to the IR35 legislation in the public sector in 2017 and, more recently, preparing to face similar changes which will be introduced in the private sector next April.

Title: What is Your IR35 Status and How to Improve it
Summary: A well-written contract with your client will not, on its own, make you automatically IR35 compliant. That said, vague or misleading terms will almost certainly raise alarm bells with the taxman! If you want to avoid a needlessly drawn-out investigation process, and to increase your ability to prove that the arrangement falls outside of IR35, it’s definitely worth looking for ways to improve your contract position.

Title: A guide to Employment status and IR35 in the private sector
Summary: IR35 is legislation that specifically relates to the employment status of contractors, their relationship to clients, and taxation. From 6th April 2020, medium and large companies will be liable for determining the status of any contractors they engage with, this guide is intended to help distil the essential points of the legislation.

Title: IR35: An essential guide
Summary: As a limited company contractor, we know that you’ll need to get your head around a number of different rules and regulations. One of the most important, and arguably the most complicated pieces of legislation you'll come across is IR35. Don’t worry though, as we're here to help you understand what IR35 is.


Title: IT consultant wins latest IR35 case against HMRC and "army of lawyers
Summary: After a five year investigation, a professional IT consultant has defeated HMRC in an IR35 tribunal case which has again highlighted several of the taxman’s woeful failings and misconceptions concerning IR35.

Title: Television presenter Helen Fospero defeats HMRC at IR35 tax tribunal
Summary: Television presenter Helen Fospero has become the latest broadcaster to defeat HMRC at an IR35 tax tribunal, in a case that will raise further questions over the taxman’s indiscriminate pursuit of the media industry.