Ideas to improve your recruitment process


Your recruitment process starts from when you have a vacancy through to when a candidate starts on their first day. There are many steps along the way. If each step is not as good as it should be then you may end up losing out on your ideal candidate. You will probably be in completion with other companies to attract the candidate that you want, it’s likely that the candidate will choose the company that has a slick and efficient recruitment process.

This article contains a collection of ideas that you can use to improve your recruitment process. You can pick and choose which ideas to implement based on your own situation. Just improving one area could give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

If your recruitment process takes several weeks, then you have a serious problem and you are probably losing out on high quality candidates

Vacancy description.

Before you release your vacancy, make sure that it accurately reflects the job that needs to be done. Consider having it reviewed by people in you company that the successful candidate will be working with.

Towards the end of your vacancy describe your recruitment journey. If you advertise on UK Software Jobs, you can add this to your “About Section” that will automatically be added to your vacancy.

List the stages

Stage 1: You apply for the job

Outcome: If you ate not suitable you will get an email, otherwise we will call you to arrange a telephone interview.

Stage 2: The telephone interview

Outcome: You’ll get a telephone call saying successful or invited to Face to Face interview

Stage 3: Face to face interview.

Outcome: You’ll get a phone call saying successful or unsuccessful.

If you feel the need to hide the salary, what does that say about your company?

At least give an accurate range and an indication of what your decision will be based on.

List all the benefits that come. With the job. Don't let the candidate have any surprises if you offer them the job.

Placing your advert.

You should carefully consider where to place your advert otherwise you could be wasting a lot of money and still not attract the right candidate. You need to consider where your ideal candidate will be. What I mean by this is what website and job boards do they visit?

Generally, it’s better to advertise on a specialised job board or use a specialised recruitment agent. If you are searching for a Software Tester, it’s probably best not to use one of those global job boards that have vacancies for all job types from Accountants to Zoo keepers, it’s probably not a place where your “Software Tester” is looking.


You now need to choose several applicants that are suitable to pass on to the next part of your interviewing process. If you are using a Recruitment Agent, make sure they are sticking to your guidelines about the CVs that you want to receive. If they start sending you obviously unsuitable CVs, then drop them and find a better Recruitment Agent. If you are using a Job Board, ensure that you are using one where you can regulate the applications that you receive. This can be done by specifying mandatory requirements and using other filters.

Make sure you respond to applicants very quickly. IE: on the same day that you receive the application. You can take this opportunity to remind them of steps in your recruitment process.

Interview notice

Don't phone a candidate saying you can fit them in for a face to face interview tomorrow morning. Instead, phone the candidate and find out what works best for them.


Ensure that you have a plan and take notes so that you can accurately compare candidates.

Ensure that you provide feedback after an interview.

If you have interviewed someone but you don't want to take it any further, then you should let the candidate know.


If there is a problem during the process, then let the candidate know. Maybe someone in the process us off sick, let the candidate know your revised plans.

Company culture.

Don't use buzz words to describe your culture. Be practical and honest with your description.


Try and have a single point of contact through the whole process.


Just by implementing one or two of these ideas will set you ahead of your competitors from the viewpoint of a candidate.

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