How To Directly Recruit a Software Professional

How to find suitable candidates without using a Recruitment Agency

Are you looking to recruit software professionals such as Developers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, DBAs, or Testers?

This article will show that you can reduce your dependency on Recruitment Agents. At the same time, you can gain a more efficient cost-effective recruitment process.

We understand that some companies need the ‘hand holding’ that a Recruitment Agent provides. That hand holding comes at a significant cost. It’s probably a cost that you can avoid in most cases. Generally, Recruitment Agents have not progressed much beyond the days of the fax machine.

Can you answer yes to most the following?

  1. Can you, or the Hiring Manager, describe in detail the job that you are recruiting for?
  2. Do you know more about day to day aspects of the job than a Recruitment Agent could know?
  3. Do you know the mandatory skills that the candidate must have? Example: for a Software Developer, it might be a requirement that they have skills and experience in C#, .NET, MVC. For a Business Analyst it might be eCommerce and Finance.
  4. Are you able to conduct telephone interviews?
  5. Are you able to conduct face to face interviews?
  6. Are you able to select the candidate that you want?

If you can answer yes to most of the above, then we are confident that you don’t need a recruitment agency.

What are some of the alternatives to using a Recruitment Agency?

1) Advertise the vacancy on your own website.

This is low cost but might not result in many applications. Most candidates don’t have the time to search and visit all the company websites where there might be vacancies.

2) Use a well-known general job board.

Unfortunately, this can result in you receiving many applications that turn out to be unsuitable. However, you will have to spend a lot of time sorting through differently formatted CVs.

3) Use a niche job board.

A niche job board specialises in one area such as Technical staff for example. These are more focused than generic job boards and will result in better quality applicants.

4)     Use a specialised niche job board.

Most job boards are not much more than an advert in a shop window, even if they are niche job boards. By this I mean that the adverts are not much more than a static document. These adverts also rely on potential candidates searching and finding them.

A specialised niche job board has extra features such as:

Require candidates to answer questions online during the application process.

Enables you to explicitly indicate the mandatory and desirable skills required for the vacancy. This allows highly accurate matching to candidate profiles.

Checks your advert for clarity.

Allow candidates to ask you questions online.

Helps you write your advert to ensure a high quality and clarity.

An example of a specialised niche job board is: