Flexible mandatory skills for a Software Development vacancy.

Do job adverts that specify that you must have exact mandatory skills annoy you?

As a Software Developer, when looking for a new job you will often see adverts that say, "You must have a certain skill" For example: "Must have SQL 2016"

This can be annoying because you have several years’ experience of SQL 2008 and SQL 2012. You know that you could get up to speed quickly with SQL 2016. But recruitment agents reject you because it's not on your CV.

At UK Software Jobs we have a feature that allows employers to be more flexible with their mandatory requirements. Employers can now create a group of mandatory requirements and you only need to have one of the skills in the group.

This is good news for you as you no longer must try and convince recruitment agents that you can learn a new skill/technology which is closely related to something that you already know.

Employers can add several groups as shown below.

This means that if you have SQL 2012, Angular 4, and TFS then you can apply for the vacancy. Which is much better than if the advert said "must have SQL 2016, Angular 7 and Git" which may have put you off applying.

Hopefully, this feature will open a lot more job opportunities for you.

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