Applying for a job? Ask Employers Anonymous Questions

Save time by asking questions before applying for a vacancy

Have you ever wanted to ask a potential employer a question before applying for a job? Well, now you can at UK Software Jobs.

Have you ever applied for a vacancy, got to the interview and then in a short time discovered that it is not a place you want to work?

Perhaps the advert said that they implement the Agile Methodology, something that you are very keen on. But at the interview you discover that they don’t really do Agile and have no intention of implementing it. What a waste of your time.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could anonymously ask questions before applying for a vacancy?

In the above scenario you might ask “Can you let me know what aspects of Agile you regularly implement on a daily and weekly basis?”

When the employer answers your questions, you’ll get a notification.

There are many types of question that you could ask the employer. From your point of view as a candidate you want to find out about things that would be a complete blocker to accepting a job offer. Here are some ideas just to get you started.

  • Do you operate flexi time? I would ideally like to be able to start at 07:00.
  • What hardware setup do you supply to Software Developers?
  • Which version of Visual Studio are you using?
  • Do you offer a relocation package?
  • Is there a Technical Team Leader who will be able to quickly get me up to speed on the architecture and standards of the application?
  • If you offer me a position are you able to wait whilst I work my four weeks’ notice period?
  • How would you describe the working environment and culture of the team?
  • As a Business Analyst, what challenges at your company will I be able to help with?
  • Are you looking for someone that can contribute new ideas, or do you want someone who just gets on with job in the same way that we have done over the past few years?

Ensure that a single question is about only one thing. This makes it easier for the employer to answer and it is clearer what is being asked and what is being answered. For example, do not as questions like the following:

  • Do you offer flexitime and a child creche?

Here is how you add anonymous questions at UK Software Jobs.

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